Paul Hughes

Senior Sales Executive

Selling predominantly in The Gap, Bardon and Ashgrove, Paul Hughes is best known for getting the absolute best price in the shortest possible time.

How does he do it?

With over twelve years dedicated solely to the sales industry and an abundance of skill sets at his disposal, Paul puts his passion for helping people at the forefront of his thoughts and has very quickly built a reputation for excellence in the industry.

With a background and Masters degree in Architecture, his creative flair and intimate knowledge of construction assist him in achieving the best result every time.

Paul was raised to value the importance of respect, honesty, hard work and a culture of integrity. Down-to-earth, friendly and good natured, Paul’s strong work ethic and determination coupled with his easy going character makes him the ideal agent. It is for this reason he continues to be such a success in The Gap, Bardon and Ashgrove areas.

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